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"The Dock"


Full CGI dock from 1920s inspired by very popular series Peaky Blinders. This was one of the most complex and ambitious projects I've ever done, faced a lot of challenges but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I was tasked basically with everything from blockout, modeling, texturing, lighting, shooting, compositing and rendering. Learned a lot of stuff about photogrammetry and camera texture projection thanks to this project. Shooting of the green screen video clips was done at Vidadu Green Screen Studio in Bratislava.

"Verdana Valley"


"Verdana Valley" environment showcase for my upcoming 3D animated movie calles "Purpose". A great project for practising realistic CG environment creation.
I was tasked with modeling, texturing, lighting and final post-processing of the whole environment. I wanted to make all of the assets by myself just to see how far I can push my skills and learn new things. This project was a combination of organic, procedural modeling and photogrammetry. I've learned how to proceduraly make trees in SpeedTree, learn a ton of useful stuff about RealityCapture a great software for photogrammatery. All of the individual grass, flower and leaf elements were made from photos I've took on my phone, cut them out in Photoshop and unwrapped them on 3D planes inside Blender.



"Matt-Ibiza" was project for client, where my task was to create full CG environment where actors filmed on green screen would be placed in.
I was tasked with creation of the CG environment, lighting, modeling, chroma keying, compositing and final render of each green screen sequence. Learned a lot of stuff about IK rigging because I was also tasked with creating a crab walk animation at the very beginning of the clip and also all of the palm trees leaves and branches were rigged and used various force fields to simulate wind effect on them. Was a crazy tight deadline and I had to deliver all 87 vfx shots in just 11 days.



In this project I wanted to try limits of Blender and see how much stuff I can throw on it. I've modeled all of the assets by myself mainly because I wanted to practise realistic asset creation and learn more things about proper texturing, unwrapping and PBR materials. I've learned a lot of useful stuff about water simulation using FlipFluid addon for Blender. How should big tsunami wave react, how to generate whitewater on top of it and also building destruction simulations. All of the buildings in the scene have interior structure modeled aswell to make sure the final destruction simulation will be as close to real life as possible.

"Dry Grass CG Animations"


I love creating full CG cartoon like animations. It's a great way to practice for the future projects of this kind. In these animations I mainly use assets from my game called Dry Grass. These short animations serve as a cinematic teaser for new upcoming update of the game. For character animations I'm using Rokoko motion capture suit and other minor less complex animations are done by hand with help of IK rig. Also its a great practice for cinematography, composition and lighting since its basically like as if you were shooting a short film but its all CG.

"Destroyed City Effect from The Last of Us"


Yet another amazing collaboration with FilmRiot. This time we wanted to re-create the destroyed city from the very popular series The Last of Us. I was tasked with 3D tracking the footage, rotoscoping, creating the scene using Kitbash3D assets, lighting and final rendering. This project was a great experience on how to do digital set extensions and blend CG elements with live footage.

"Put 3D Monsters in Your Film With Your Phone & Blender"


This was one of my best and favourite collaboration of all time with the amazing guys from FilmRiot. Together with Ryan we came up with the idea of photo scanning little toys, and bringing them alive through VFX shenanigans. I was tasked with tracking the footage, cleaning up the scans, rigging them up with IK rigs and animating them, compositing, lighting and rendering the final output. Character animations in this project were a great challenge and I've learned so much about it during the process. I look forward to the possibility of collaborating on many new future projects with FilmRiot



Rivendell was very interesting project because I wasn't even planning on doing it. The sudden burst of motivation just came from nowhere after I watched The Hobbit series. So again I was up for another environment task. This time I wanted to try more procedural shaders and some cool new shader nodes which came with new version of Blender. I also wanted to practise sculpting rocks and organic models in ZBrush rather then doing the photoscans again. All of the models were made by me I didn't want to download any assets and just work with what I could create. Eventually I made one little photoscan and it was a mossy rock that you can see in the foreground with some grass blades on top of it. It glued the composition and scene together nicely. I also used some water fall on greenscreen footage and added that into the background for some dynamic elements.

"Garage Photoshoot"


I've modeled this Corvette Stingray 2018 model and wanted to make some cool render in a multi-storey garage. Once again everything was modeled from scratch, I did some experiments with camera animations and "cycle" curve modifier to make the camera movement more realistic and less digital.



Quarry was another attempt on making realistic CG environment. All of the assets were modeled and photoscanned by me. I've tried using my first photoscans for ground. And one funny thing is the hill that you can see in the background is actually just a pile of sand from my backyard that I've took. Once I saw the 3D photoscan result of this pile of sand I was like let's make something out of this! And it grew to be another CG environment. I also practised an image projection method of texturing the assets for this scene. After the environment was done I felt like something was missing. I've wanted to add some dynamic to it. So I came up with adding the popcorn machine model which I've made couple of months prior to this project and somehow it fused everything together perfectly.

"Brooklyn Back Alley"


This was my first attempt on making realistic CG environment. I really dig back alleys in big cities like New York, LA, Chicago or Brooklyn. I wanted to try and recreate one of those. This was a big challenge since I've never done actual environment before. I wasn't really sure on how to approach this idea but I started somehow. I wanted to model everything from scratch and practice asset creation as much as possible. I've used multiple techniques to make the assets. For the buildings I used image projection. I just found some pictures of buildings that were shot from front and flat enough and modeled the building according to those. And for other assets I've used Substance painter and made textures in that.

"Jumanji Waterfall"


In this project I wanted to try making full CG environment. Originally I was planning to just make the CG environment as a static render but later decided to spice things up a bit. So I took my drone went to meadow, constructed my green screen cloth with stands, placed down the markers and with help of my friend recorded a little fly around me (I was the center subject). Back at post I've made this waterfall environment. Learned a lot about FlipFluid simulation and how complex it could get if you really want to have realistic looking waterfall. After three days of tweaking the settings and baking the cache I was satisfied enough and went to finish rest of the environment. All of the models were created by me, the main cliff was sculpted using Subsurf modifier and basic sculpt brushes in Blender. I took the drone footage, tracked it, keyed out the green and did the rotoscoping, compositing and final rendering.

"CG Plane Crash"


This one was true challenge for me since at the time I was doing this I've never done proper CG destruction with fire and smoke simulations. I was tasked with figuring out how to model a plane (also with inner structure for better simulation) and somehow fracture it upon collision. On top of it do a smoke and fire simulation and at the very end another smoke explosion. I've stumbled upon very good addon called Fracture Modifier for Blender. Figured out how to use it and learned a lot about smoke and fire simulations inside Blender too. With help of my friend we went out I've placed crumbled paper balls on the field to pose as tracking markers and we filmed the main shot. I've tracked it, added reflection of the airplane to the water puddle, did the compositing and final render pass.

"Attachtap Product Renders"


Was tasked with creating professional promo CG animation for Attachtap, had to create studio like scene with lighting I've used a bought model of IPhone, all other assets were made from scratch by me. For the camera and object animations I mainly played with F-Curves to get that nice dynamic feel to it.


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