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"Dry Grass"

A survival multiplayer game.

Survive the wilds of a deserted island as a prisoner. Gather resources to build your first shelter and brace for the island's changing seasons. Hunt, build, and decide will you befriend others or go rogue? Prepare for winter's chill and unravel blueprint books for crafting cool tools and vehicles, like scrap cars, helis, weapons and much more! Set up plumbing, grow gardens, make a chicken farm, or even start a clan of your own people for survival. Your choices shape your fate as prisoner in this epic quest for dominance over nature!



A survival multiplayer matchmaking horror game.

Band together with friends or venture alone to fend off waves of menacing robots. Swiftly construct a helicopter and plot your escape from the eerie, hostile junkyard. Victory awaits those who dare to challenge the mechanized menace and soar to freedom!

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