Creating professional video clips and short films.


"Cab Cop"


A cab driver named Ricky Harrison suffers from schizophrenia, his sister was murdered in a hit and run accident, in the present he works as a cab driver and during his driving he tends to have a lot of flashbacks for the day when his sister was murdered. Therefore any tense activity may trigger his schizophrenia "attacks" and bend his reality. In this short audience discovers his mostly negative sites which include alcohol addiction and DID (multiple personalities disorder).
Realy enjoyed doing this personal project it was for a FilmRiot announced shortfilm challenge. We managed to shoot it in under two weeks becasue of tight deadline. I've experimented a lot with lighting of the shots, final color grading and cinematic sound design. I've also used Corvette C3 as a main car for Ricky which added a lot of vibe to the scenes. Due to the length limitations of the challenge I had to cut out some of the shots and sequences. You coud see them after the ending credits.

"Watch Deluxe Teaser"


A cinematic promo video for WatchDeluxe located in Bratislava. This was very cool project I was tasked with shooting, editing, coloring and doing minor vfx in post production. I used my Mavic 2 Pro drone for shooting aerial shots and Sony A6400 with Moza Air 2 gimbal for the main shots. Also used my GoPro Hero 8 to imitate security camera wide angle lens. I've completely remade the audio for all of the scenes, added custom footsteps sounds, background ambiance, heavy machinery sounds etc.



A 1-minute shortfilm made for ActionSceneChallenge. Decided that I would participate in this challenge announced by FilmRiot. The task was simple make a 1-minute shortfilm in a few weeks and you have to choose from words provided which someone in your shortfilm at some points says. So I took my Mavic 2 Pro and with help of my friends we headed out to ambandoned runway. The whole short had no audio because it was filmed only using Mavic 2 Pro which doesnt record any of it. So I had to do complete sound design in post. Some scenes were risky to shoot because they would require me to be lying on the hood of a driving car holding the drone in one hand and using the other one to hold myself.

"Hardcore Pogy 3"


I really dig Hardcore Henry movie shot entirely with GoPros! So I decided to pull version of my own. The whole shortfilm was filmed with either GoPro Hero 5 or Hero 4. I've partnered up with my friends from Vidadu in Bratislava to use their studio for the final "boss" battle. The shortfilm relied mostly on "motion cuts" to fuse all the action scenes together. Had to do complete remake of the sound design in some scenes and also full CG hole in a wall.

"THAT Teaser"


A short horror movie concept teaser. I somehow got inspired after watching "It" movie so I decided to make some very short concept of a story teaser called "That" (how original). Knowing that no shortfilm will be released even though it says teaser and coming soon at the very end haha. I used my drone and Sony A6400 with Moza Air 2 to film the scenes. I also bought a fake blood that I could add to the branch to simulate impact point. It was actually my first time using such a thing, most of the time I'm doing it digitally.

"Wedding Video"


A wedding video for client. Was tasked with shooting, editing, sound designing and final color grading of a wedding ceremony for a client.

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